William Henry STERLING SILVER SNAKEHEAD Mens Paracord Necklace

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Snakes are the ultimate predator. Cunning. Patient. Always hungry for more. They know exactly when to strike, just like you do. Imagine having this ultimate predator hanging from your neck 24/7. William Henry's sculpted sterling silver snakehead necklace for men makes that a reality.

William Henry's consummate craftsmen sculpted this hefty snakehead from high-quality sterling silver. Rows of gleaming layered scales give the top of its head a rough reptilian texture. The underside of its intricately engraved throat will lie smoothly against your skin. Angry snake eyes glare with fiery red topaz gemstones, and two realistic fangs warn all but those you deem worthy (or smokin' hot), to keep their distance.

But even a snake needs to have fun once in awhile. That's why William Henry added a spring-loaded mechanism to its scaly jaw. Press down on the back of its head to make the snake's mouth open and close. This is perfect for the ventriloquism act you're working on or for picking up Post-It notes. (We've tried that. It works.)

What keeps this sinister snakehead from slithering away? A light but strong woven rope of black paracord; the same durable nylon fiber used in parachutes and military survival gear. To be the ultimate predator, you must wear the ultimate predator. William Henry's sculpted sterling silver snakehead necklace will make you look as stone cold as a rattlesnake's blood. Comes with a dated certificate of authenticity.

Snake Head Size: 1 5/8 inches long and 3/4 inch wide.

Cord Size: 22 inches long. 1/8 inch thick.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Genuine Nylon Fiber Paracord.

(c) Copyright Tribal Hollywood. All rights reserved.