Buying Men's Jewelry: A Guide to Looking Cool and Confident

Men have been wearing jewelry for over 75,000 years, ever since tribal dudes first adorned themselves with colored seashells. These days there are a lot more style choices for guys than threading a few seashells together, so choosing men’s jewelry can be a bit challenging, especially for a first time buyer. Here are a few tips to create a cool and confident look.

When buying men’s jewelry for yourself, think about your personality, lifestyle, and beliefs. What would you wear to let the world know the kind of guy you are? If you’re a man of worship, seek out faith-based jewelry that makes a statement about your devotion, whether a cross, a Star of David or a symbol of Buddhism.

Like to keep things clean and simple? Then sleek, contemporary jewelry is a great way to go. Men’s blue steel jewelry is a great example of this. Blue steel bracelets, necklaces, rings and pendants bring just the right amount of understated industrial cool to your look.

If you’ve got a big and bold personality, honor your stand-out-in-the-crowd demeanor by slipping on some big and bold men’s chunky rings. Finger bling that boasts huge skulls, imposing Greek myth animal heads and large mineral stone inlays are really big right now, literally.

Here’s the deal: when buying men’s jewelry for yourself, go with what you know best…yourself. Feel free to ask for advice from your loved ones or your best buds, but when it comes down to it, the final decision is yours and yours alone. Just trust your style instincts and go for it.

The Hottest Men's Jewelry Trend: Layering and Stacking

The hottest men’s jewelry trend this year is layering, also known as stacking. This basically means you can wear more than one kind of men’s jewelry item at one time. When you layer jewelry it creates visual depth, which draws the eyes of your beholders straight to you.

To rock a layered necklace look, start with a long necklace, say around 24-inches in length. Long men’s necklaces that have multiple pendant sets are really popular right now. These necklaces can feature everything from crosses and daggers to poker chips and skulls.

After you’ve strapped on your longer length necklace, add two to four shorter necklaces of different lengths, styles and materials that end up lying within each other. If you really want to make a fresh, bold layering statement, add a men’s choker necklace. Chokers are around 18 or 20-inches in length, depending on your neck size. They circle your neck and hang just below your Adam’s apple. Men’s chokers are a big style trend this year. Men’s bracelets can also be layered. We’re seeing multiple layers of bracelets stacked up on the wrists of A-list celebs. Stacking up unconventional bohemian bracelets, which can feature skulls, heraldic religious emblems, and daggers mixed with mineral, wood and metallic beads, will give you the cool rock star look you’ve seen on the red carpet.

Here’s an interesting trend we’re noticing on guys here in Hollywood: stacking up bracelets on either side of a big, bold watch. This adds a casual, bohemian touch to a high-end sports or dress timepiece.

Men’s stackable rings are another popular men’s style trend. These narrow-width rings can be layered on top of each other or stacked on either side of a larger ring to create an edgy, unique look. Now get out there and layer it up! Create a look that works for you and you alone.

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