William Henry FLAMING SKULL Sterling Silver Paracord Mens Necklace

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Take your average everyday sterling silver skull. Then watch what happens when William Henry's master craftsmen get their creative hands on it. The result is a skull necklace for men like you've never seen before.

This skull looks like it's been through hell, as it's literally engulfed in flames. Thanks to the amazing engraved details from William Henry's artists, you can almost see and feel the fire as it roars over the skull's head, searching for any remaining flesh to burn.

Every tooth in the skull's tortured grin can be counted. Intricately textured "acid-nouveau" swirls form a matrix along its rigid jawline. And hypnotic, concentric circles are carved into its deep, hollow eye sockets. This is definitely not your grandma's sterling silver skull necklace and we bet she had some doozies, too.

The skull is suspended from smooth and durable paracord. This ultra strong fiber is used by the military for parachute construction and by NASA for outer space repairs. Meaning this sterling silver skull is not going anywhere.

Part Day of the Dead sugar skull, part burned out vision from Hell, this William Henry Flaming Skull men's necklace will set your social life on fire. Comes with a dated certificate of authenticity.

Skull Size: 1 1/8 inches long and 9/16 inch wide.

Chain Size: 20 inches long. 1/8 inch thick.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Genuine Nylon Fiber Paracord.

(c) Copyright Tribal Hollywood. All rights reserved.