YIN and YANG Balance Symbol Swarovski Crystal Mens Pendant by Bico

The Natural World of Balances

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The ancient Chinese Yin Yang symbol represents how opposite forces in life natually balance each other out, creating peace and harmony in your life and the world.

This Bico Australia Yin Yang necklace pendant for men boasts black and clear genuine Swarovski crystals. The high-quality crystals create the equally divided dark and light halves of a traditional Yin Yang symbol. Slip the pendant around your neck to honor the balance and harmony you aspire to achieve in your own personal universe.

The two halves of the pendant are shaped like stylized fish, endlessly following each other as they swim around the universe. In other words, day follows night, and good health and good fortune follow sickness and struggle. According to Tao philosophy, this infinite balancing of life's forces is what creates balance in our mind and in our soul.

Pair up this Bico Yin Yang men's necklace pendant with a Bico necklace chain or leather cord.

The chain pendant is hand polished and made of real silver over pewter with an invisible hypoallergenic coating to protect the finish.

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Size: Approximate size including the loop is 1 3/8 by 15/16 inches.

Material: Silver Plated High-Grade Pewter. Genuine Swarovski crystals.

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