HEX PATTERN CARBON GRAPHITE Modern Mens Stainless Steel Ring

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Industrial strength black carbon graphite with engraved hexagonal patterns meets surgical grade 316L stainless steel on this sleek, modern industrial men's ring. The ring's raised panel of black carbon graphite rests on its bright, natural 316L steel band, creating a multilayered look.

Two parallel rows of six-sided hexagons are engraved into the carbon graphite, with a cool, eye-catching twist. One row shows the top of the hexagons, while the other row features the bottom half. The rows are asymmetrical, making it appear that each half is cut off by the edge of the ring, continuing on the opposite side of the graphite panel.

Carbon graphite is one of the strongest materials known to man, and it's used extensively in the manufacture of industrial strength steel. The Hex Pattern Carbon Graphite men's stainless steel ring will bring symbolic industrial power and contemporary geometric design to your casual street wear and upscale evening attire.

Size: Band is 5/16 inch wide.

Material: 316L High Grade Stainless Steel treated with Chromium for extra protection. Black Carbon Graphite.

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