Hollis Bahringer Mens BLACK ARMOR BRACELET in Black Stainless Steel

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Riveted medieval shield links of gleaming surgical grade black stainless steel infuse the weighty Hollis Bahringer Black Armor men's bracelet with the brave and unbreakable spirit of European knights. These warriors would fight to the death to defend their king and their faith. Wear the Black Armor men's bracelet and let the ancient symbolic strength of these noble knights give you the spiritual courage of a medieval warrior.

Each thick shield link features four raised rivets, making the bracelet look like it was hand-constructed by a blacksmith of yore. High-end American designer Hollis Bahringer engraves a Latin cross into the face of each link, reminding us of the heraldic shields knights must have wielded while spreading the word of God during the Holy Crusades. The crosses will encircle your arm like the protection of the Lord encircles you and your loved ones.

Every other shield link boasts a genuine black diamond, adding regal elegance to the cold, hard steel. We know you'll love how the interlocking shield links are hinged, providing the bracelet with maximum movement, creating a comfortable fit. The smooth reverse side of the links will feel cool and solid against your wrist.

A coating of strong black titanium gives the Black Armor men's bracelet a long lasting, protective finish.

Pair up your Black Armor men's bracelet with the Hollis Bahringer Black Armor collection men's ring, cross necklace, shield necklace, and cufflinks. You'll look like a noble knight while you embark on your own crusade of courage and devotion to God.

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Size: 8 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.

Material: Black Titanium PVD Stainless Steel. Genuine Black Diamonds.

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