Ecks GREEN EYED WOLF HEAD Sterling Silver Mens Wolf Ring

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Revolutionary designer Ecks depicts the ferocious wolf head on this intimidating sterling silver men's wolf ring with a snarling muzzle, raised ears and exposed fangs. You can practically hear a bone chilling growl escaping through its gaping jaws.

The wolf's eyes glow below its furrowed brow with cold green fire, courtesy of two bright synthetic emeralds. They give our furry friend a ghostly look that will haunt your competitor's dreams.

Its deeply textured fur resembles flames trailing in the wind as it charges at an unseen prey. This wilderness warrior is about to make a killing, just like the ones you make in the world.

Whether you're Hungry Like the Wolf, the Wolf of Wall Street, or a Werewolf of London, this green-eyed wolf head ring will make you the alpha male leader of the pack.

Size: Top of the ring measures 1 by 7/8 inches. Band is 1/4 inch wide in the back.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Synthetic Emerald Stones.

(c) Copyright Tribal Hollywood. All rights reserved.