Timeless Faith

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Check out the front of this men's infinity symbol clockworks cross necklace from Ecks. It's a modern 3D cross deeply textured with realistically detailed circular gears and weighted pulleys like you'll find in the guts of a mechanical timepiece. A bright red synthetic ruby adds a fiery burst of color to the center of the main gear. Display this cross on this side when your faith feels complex.

Now flip the cross over. The plain, perfectly smooth cross on this side is the exact opposite of the one on the front. Display this side when your faith feels simple, carefree and reflective.

Finally, twist the thick cross and look at it from an angle. Behold! Its rounded arms vanish and miraculously morph into a sleek and timeless infinity symbol.

You remember that from high school calculus class, right? This figure eight-shaped sign was developed by a 1600's math dude to represent a mythical number so vast that it will always be bigger than any existing number. In other words, infinity is a numerical concept that goes on forever.

Over four centuries later, we wear infinity symbols to declare our timeless devotion to the ones we love and the higher power of our choice. The Ecks infinity symbol clockworks cross will proudly tell the world that your individual faith will last for an eternity and beyond.

This is one in a series of 2-in-1 infinity symbol crosses from Ecks, each with its own distinctive design.

Includes a 24-inch Italian sterling silver Rolo neck chain.

Cross Size: 1 9/16 inches long and 15/16 inch wide.

Chain Size: 24 inches long and 1/8 inch thick.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Synthetic Ruby Stone.

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