CENTURY Cobalt Men's Ring by Scott Kay

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The Century cobalt ring has a modern industrial design, with wedge cut recesses and sleek beveled edges. The hard cut lines and recesses are styled like the architecture of a futuristic utopia. Made with state-of-the-art technology and the cutting edge new metal, cobalt, the Century Ring reflects the 21st century ideals of growth and progress, and the possibilities of a limitless tomorrow.

The Century Ring is part of the Century Collection of Scott Kay Cobalt Men's Rings.

Scott Kay presents the Century Collection of men's rings, which are sure to shine for centuries, thanks to the strength of their innovative metal and the pure timelessness of the design. Hard cut lines and deep, angled edges punctuate the sleek, beveled bands, creating a contemporary style that reflects the values and aesthetic sense of today's modern man.

Century Collection rings are a perfect marriage of traditional hand craftsmanship and modern metallurgy. Scott Kay has forged these in BioBlu 27, a high-strength, premium cobalt alloy with a natural whiteness and mirror-like polish superior to all other leading precious or contemporary metals, including platinum. This is a men's ring that will last through the 21st century - and beyond.

For authenticity, the inside of the ring is laser engraved with the Scott Kay Cobalt and BioBlu 27 seals, as well as the word "Faith." The comfort-fit design, which features a domed interior, provides all day comfort and is recommended for men because it is easier to slide over a large knuckle.

Shipping: In stock sizes usually ship the same or next business day, and are sent by Priority Mail.

Material: BioBlu 27 Premium Cobalt. SK Cobalt rings are 3.5 times harder than platinum bands, making them extremely durable and highly scratch resistant. BioBlu 27 is a high performance alloy made of cobalt, chromium, and molybdenum. It is biocompatible with the body and is used in advanced medical applications. 'Blu' refers to the existence of Cobalt in the alloy and '27' refers to the atomic number of Cobalt on the periodic table.

The Cobalt Rings are 100% solid, naturally white, and hypoallergenic.

Product Care: Clean regularly with the included polishing cloth.