Ecks OPEN SIDED FOUR ACES Sterling Silver Mens Ring

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Upscale Vegas casinos and the thrill of high stake card games go together like you and this poker inspired sterling silver men's ring. Innovative designer Ecks carves an all-powerful ace suit symbol into the ring's four playing card shaped sides.

The hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds symbols are completely cut out of the solid sterling silver band. This means you can stare through the ring and call your opponent's bluff during an intense game of Texas Hold 'Em. He's probably got a lowly pair of deuces. Raise him.

The open sided four aces men's ring features a black, hand-painted letter "A" cut into the top left and bottom right corners of its four flat panels for an extra touch of playing card authenticity. Dark cubic zirconium crystals add black tuxedo class to the spades and clubs while fiery synthetic rubies light up the hearts and diamonds panels like Vegas Strip neon.

Slip on this big bet bad boy from Ecks the next time you play a few hands. Security can throw you out for having aces up your sleeve, but they can't do a freaking thing about you wearing the open sided four aces men's ring on your finger. Go all in, baby. You've already got the winning hand.

Size: Band is about 5/8 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Synthetic Rubies.

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