Ecks LUCKY 7 VEGAS DICE Hexagonal Sterling Silver Mens Ring

High Roller

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This hexagonal sterling silver men's dice ring embedded with fiery red dice markings captures all the high stakes casino action of Las Vegas.

Innovator designer Ecks emblazons each of the Lucky 7 Vegas dice ring's six flat panels with a different number of dice dots, officially called "pips" in the gaming industry. Ecks lines up the synthetized red ruby pips on the ring's opposite sides to add up to seven (5+2, 6+1 etc.) If that's not a sign that seven is your lucky number, we don't know what is!

While the exterior of the industrial shaped ring is made up of six flat dice panels, the interior is round and perfectly smooth. It will fit you like a custom tailored tuxedo.

And if you're on a hot streak at the poker table, the Lucky 7 Vegas dice ring also serves as a weighted playing card protector, because you don't want anyone messing with your "nuts" if you know what we mean. (FYI, "nuts" is pro gambler slang for a winning poker hand.)

So order a dry martini, slide on up to craps table and slip on your Lucky 7 Vegas dice ring from Ecks. Now roll them bones and rake in the chips.

Size: Band is 9/16 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Synthetic Rubies.

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