CAPITAN Revolver Anchor Ring for Men in Sterling Silver by Ecks

Last Chance

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With a single round left in the chamber it's your last chance to make the shot.

The sterling silver CAPITAN Revolver Ring for Men is the lucky totem you need to make sure your bullet finds its target.

A revolver chamber carved from the finest sterling silver features a single bullet - made from 14k gold and studded with a ruby stone.

A pirate ship and anchor design carved into the sides of the band give this classic revolver ring a style that invokes adventure.

The word "Capitan", an Old World spelling of "Captain", is embossed with the anchor.

You'll tackle the world like a swashbuckling pirate and the captain of your ship with the Capitan revolver men's ring from Ecks.

Size: Top of the ring measures 1 inch wide. Band is 3/8 inch wide in the back.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. 14k Gold. Ruby Stone.

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