F YOU Coin Edge Mens Ring in Sterling Silver by King Baby

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Today's King Baby jewelry item is brought to you by the letter F. Now there are many examples of F words:

On your gas gauge, F means full. On a questionnaire, F means false. And on sheet music, F means forte or loud. Let's stop there, because the F word on this in-your-face stackable men's ring from King Baby is the mother of all F words. That's right! The word is F*CK, as in F*CK YOU. Any questions?

Yup, embossed onto both sides of this oxidized band of sterling silver are two sets of stylish letters spelling out the poetic phrase, F*CK YOU. No matter what size you order your F*CK YOU ring, you can slip it on any finger you want, but we can probably guess the digit... the one in the middle.

Wear it alone as a statement to the world, your boss, or maybe even a much hated ex. Or, the ring's 5/16 of an inch width makes it perfect to "stack" on top of any of King Baby's less-obscene men's rings. But don't worry; no one can possibly misunderstand your meaning. By the way, if you don't have the cajones to wear this ring, you get an F on your fashion test. That's F for fail.

Size: Band is 5/16 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver.