MARINE CORPS BULLDOG Sterling Silver Mens Ring by Ecks

Semper Fi

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The men's Marine Corps ring from Ecks boasts the massive 3D head of a tenacious English bulldog. This muscular breed has been the sturdy symbol of the USMC since the days of World War One due to its faithful fighting spirit. And since the Corps motto "Semper Fi" means "always faithful," the loyal bulldog is the perfect mascot.

Groundbreaking designer Ecks carves the big dawg's furrowed brow and snarling mouth into a huge hunk of thick sterling silver. Check out the amazing details on this Marine Corp bulldog ring. Those exposed gritted teeth mean business. You can practically hear his warning growl.

The deeply textured fur flows backward from the top of the bulldog's head all the way around the ring's band, making it look like he's charging full speed ahead. His alert nose senses trouble while his fiery red synthetic ruby eyes strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.

The Marines have been committed to protecting our freedoms for over 250 years. Honor their infinite faith and dedication to our country with the Marine Corp bulldog men's ring from Ecks. Now let's shout out the Marine's rousing battle cry. One, two, three ... OOH RAH!

Size: Top of the ring measures 1 by 1 inches. Band is 1/4 inch wide in the back.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Synthetic Rubies.

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