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Tribal Hollywood, the leader in high-end men's jewelry online shopping, proudly announces its new luxury lines of distinctive and über-masculine men's designer jewelry. Millions of style-craving guys are discovering there's a whole cool world of high-quality designer jewelry brands out there created just for them. And Tribal Hollywood, with its impressive men's jewelry website, five-star customer service, and hip, friendly style consultants, is the number one online shopping destination for men seeking top of the line men's fashion jewelry and accessories from today's cutting edge designers.

According to Tribal Hollywood's fashionably dressed staff, stackable rings and bracelets are one of the hottest trends in men's designer jewelry, favored by A-listers like Johnny Depp and Keith Richards. King Baby has a large selection of sterling silver and gold narrow-band rings that look great "stacked" on top of each other or any ring from Tribal Hollywood's top selling designer brands like Rock&Gemz and Scott Kay. Stackable rings may be small but they're loaded with confidence and character!

King Baby's earthy collection of men's designer bracelets can be creatively combined with Scott Kay's thick and manly sterling silver bracelets or William Henry's intricately textured Game of Thrones sword-inspired sterling silver bracelets. (The same legendary William Henry that creates world famous pocketknives of the highest quality.) Stacking jewelry is the perfect way to create a personal look that sets a guy apart from all the other Joes.

Tribal Hollywood's men's designer jewelry brands feature ancient and modern exotic materials from around the world. Guys love the history behind William Henry's 100,000,000 year-old dinosaur bone and ancient mammoth tooth fossil beads and inlays, as well as the expert technical craftsmanship that hand-forges multi-colored metal jewelry like Damascus steel and Japanese Mokume Gane. William Henry also uses Kevlar and paracord on its bracelets and necklaces to brilliantly fuse the modern and ancient worlds together. King Baby uses one-of-a-kind spotted turquoise stones mined in Nevada, as well as red undersea coral, lava rock and Labradorite. Hollis Bahringer's fine stainless steel collection features rich Brazilian Palisander rosewood and woven black carbon polymer fibers. By the way, Tribal Hollywood is the world's exclusive online retailer of Hollis Bahringer men's designer jewelry and accessories.

Research shows that men love functional stuff. Tribal Hollywood proudly carries hundreds of top brand designer jewelry accessories where fashion meets function. Scott Kay, King Baby and Hollis Bahringer's hand-assembled sterling silver and stainless steel money clips, cufflinks and cigar cutters all serve a very important purpose: making the men who use them look extra cool. And for the ultimate in fashion function, check out Tribal Hollywood's huge selection of limited edition stainless steel and titanium Reactor dive watches; the best built performance watch in the world.

Located in Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, Tribal Hollywood has the coolest styles, the custom sizes, and the hottest men's designer jewelry on Earth. Where do guys who love style and individuality find high-quality, uniquely personal men's designer jewelry? Right here at Tribal Hollywood.