SCOTTISH LION RAMPANT Celtic Knot Silver Mens Ring by Keith Jack

Brave Warrior

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The Scottish people are descended from a warlike tribe that first inhabited the hardscrabble landscape over 10,000 years ago. These brave, proud warriors fought off many hostile invaders just like a ferocious lion would protect its territory. That's why a mighty lion has been emblazoned on Scotland's flags for hundreds of years.

The Scottish Lion Rampant men's ring from Scottish designer Keith Jack honors lion-hearted Celtic ancestors with a small but visually imposing lion rampant emblem forged from genuine yellow gold. This emblem, originally created in the 1100's for royal family crests, stands tall in an open circle cut into the sterling silver band. The lion is seen in profile with its clawed forepaws and tail raised high in defense.

The word rampant is a medieval heraldic term for rearing up. Makes sense, because this noble king of beasts is ready to spring into action and fight off every imaginable threat to you, your family and your homeland.

See-through Celtic knots that are cut into the ring's band surround the symbolic lion. Their unbroken, interconnected knots offer you and your family an uninterrupted life filled with good fortune and protection. The ring is tapered, growing wider from back to front.

So wear your Scottish Lion Rampant men's ring, pour yourself a wee dram of whiskey, and toast the brave hearts of your Scottish forefathers by heartily shouting Slainte Mharth! (To your good health!)

Comes in a signature Keith Jack box with a complimentary polishing cloth.

Size: Band is 3/8 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. 10k Gold.

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