Petrichor LION RAMPANT BRONZE Framed Mens Signet Ring by Keith Jack

Fierce Defender

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The Petrichor LION RAMPANT BRONZE Signet Ring for Men by Keith Jack depicts the same heraldic lion design that is found on the royal banner of Scotland - with its clawed forepaws and tail raised high and fiercely defending its people with fury.

The lion rampant is a symbol of strength and nobility, used in medieval heraldry for centuries, and Keith Jack brings that ancient design to life in modern style.

Invoke the protective strength of the noble lion with the finely crafted sterling silver Lion Rampant men's ring from Keith Jack.

A sleek all silver version is also available.

Size: The top of the ring measures 11/16 inch tall; the band on the back side is 3/16 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Bronze.

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