William Henry DIAMOND STUDDED SNAKEHEAD Sterling Silver Mens Necklace

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Over half a carat of genuine fine diamonds add a blaze of luxury to the head scales of this sterling silver men's snakehead necklace from American designer William Henry. This is definitely not some low class garden snake. It's an asp of affluence.

William Henry covered every inch of the sculpted snakehead with hundreds of individual scales from its realistically pitted snout to inside and under its imposing fanged jaws. You can see and feel the painstaking effort it took to create this refined rattler.

The fiery eyes of your diamond-studded snakehead are inset with high quality red rubies. They'll taunt your admirers with an approach-with-caution glare.

And just for fun, William Henry gave the suave snakehead a hinged jaw that moves when you press down on its neck. Try it out when you do your viper ventriloquism act at the next office talent show. It will be hissss-terical!

Snakes represent everything from healing to immortality to fierce protection. William Henry includes a sturdy sterling silver chain to keep this one from slithering away. That's so you can reap the full metaphysical benefits of your diamond studded snakehead men's necklace.

Comes with a dated certificate of authenticity.

Snake Head Size: 1 9/16 inches long and 11/16 inch wide.

Chain Size: 22 inches long. 3/32 inch thick.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Genuine Red Rubies. Genuine Fine Diamonds.

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