William Henry DINOSAUR BONE MOKUME GANE Shield Mens Kevlar Necklace

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There are so many exotic, ancient, modern, and protective things about William Henry's stainless steel shield pendant necklace for dudes, we don't know where to start. OK, let's start with the ancient thing: the 100,000,000 year-old dinosaur fossil inlay. What the what?

Over 100,000,000 years ago, a seventy-foot long dinosaur named Apatosaurus (let's call him Appy), gave his life so you could wear part of his fossilized skeleton around your neck. After an excavation team freed Appy's bones from the dusty earth of Utah, William Henry's expert craftsmen created the perfectly smooth fossil inlay you see on the pendant. The earthy brownish red color comes from minerals that seeped into the organic material over millions of years. FYI, no two inlays from this limited supply of Appy, uh, we mean dinosaur fossils, will ever look the same. Thanks, Appy! Your legacy lives on!

Surrounding the dino-bone inlay is beautiful Mokume Gane metal. Mokume Gane is a four-hundred year-old Japanese metalworking technique that was used for decorating samurai sword. It consists of layering hand-forged high quality metals that are then hand-patterned to resemble natural wood grain. The end result is truly spectacular. William Henry's craftsman mastered this long lost technique and created a rich mosaic of browns and silvers for this pendant that you won't find anywhere else.

The shield pendant itself is made from super-hard stainless steel that's coated with Tungsten DLC, the diamond-like carbon protection used to reduce abrasive wear in NASCAR engines. So your shield pendant will be protected from chips and scratches for practically as long as Appy the Apatosaurus has been in dinosaur heaven.

Speaking of protective shields, William Henry suspends this one from an ultra-soft, ultra-strong braided black cord of Kevlar, the same modern polymer that shields our troops in battle. Antiquity, modern science and Old-World craftsmanship meet in William Henry's men's necklace with a dinosaur fossil inlay shield pendant. Truly one of a kind, just like the dude who wears it. Be that dude. Comes with a dated certificate of authenticity.

Shield Size: 1 5/8 inches long and 1 1/8 inch wide.

Cord Size: 22 inches long. 1/8 inch thick.

Material: Mokume Gane design layered with Copper, Brass, and Nickel Silver. 100 million year old Dinosaur (Apatosaurus) Bone Fossil. Real Kevlar Cord.

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