William Henry MOKUME GANE Fused Metal Mens Kevlar Bracelet

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How can ancient samurai sword-making skills and bulletproof Kevlar be combined to create a beautiful yet masculine bracelet for men? Leave it to the acclaimed craftsmen from William Henry to figure it out.

William Henry discovered a long-lost Japanese metalworking technique called Mokume Gane and completely mastered it. Dating back to 1600's Japan, this crazy-complicated process was once used to decorate the blades of medieval samurai swords. Multiple layers of high quality metals are hand fused and hand-patterned to form unique multi-colored designs that mimic the look of carved wood. This necklace's double-sided bead and sturdy bolt-action clasp are both crafted from eye-catching brown, black, and silver Mokume Gane metal. A small spessartite gemstone, an orange colored garnet, is inset on the bolt clasp lock to provide a bright splash of color.

Kevlar has been protecting first responders, military personnel, and peace officers for over thirty years. With polymer fibers five times stronger than steel, Kevlar is a much-needed life saving material used in body armor, facemasks and combat helmets. Despite its rough reputation, Kevlar is also soft as silk, making this woven men's bracelet feel light and smooth on your wrist.

William Henry's Mokume Gane fused metal bead and black Kevlar bracelet may not save your life, but it might save your rep when you need to wear some distinctive, manly and strikingly colorful men's jewelry out on the town. Comes with a dated certificate of authenticity.

Size: Large size bracelet measures 8 1/2 inches long. 1/4 inch wide.

Material: Mokume Gane Bead is layered with Copper, Brass, and Nickel Silver. Real Kevlar Cord.

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