William Henry GREEN GRAY DINOSAUR BONE Sterling Silver Mens Bracelet

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Pick up William Henry's impressive dinosaur bone fossil sterling silver bracelet for men. You can feel the imposing weight of solid metal, hundreds of man-hours and a large chunk of our planet's history all in the palm of your hand.

One hundred million year old Apatosaurus bone, excavated from its dusty resting place in the sands of Utah, finds a modern-day home inlaid into the bracelet's cross-shaped sterling silver links. Minerals seeping into the fossil over the millennia gave it a rare and unique green color, as green as the lush landscape Utah experienced at the dawn of time. No fragment of this limited supply fossil used by William Henry will ever have the same patterns and colors. It's one of a kind.

The thick interlocking sterling silver bracelet links are rich with intricate carvings cast from a hand-engraved master mold. Every gleaming millimeter from top to bottom is covered with textured swirls, realistic rivets and deep grooves. Part samurai armor, part Game of Thrones sword, and 100% breathtaking. A small high-quality diamond inset into the stainless steel button lock clasp adds one more element of brightness. William Henry's master designers have really outdone themselves.

Dinosaur fossils from antiquity meet modern day craftsmanship in this awe-inspiring William Henry men's bracelet. Now a legacy from pre-history will be your legacy for generations to come. Includes a dated certificate of authenticity.

Size: Large size bracelet measures 8 3/4 inches long. 7/8 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. 100 million year old Dinosaur (Apatosaurus) Bone Fossil.

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