William Henry Narrow Width GREEN GREY DINOSAUR FOSSIL Silver Bracelet

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One hundred million years ago a massive seventy-five foot eighteen-ton creature known as Apatosaurus perished in the lush green jungles of what is now the arid American southwest. William Henry has taken this rare, limited supply prehistoric specimen and incorporated it into a dinosaur fossil men's bracelet that will look sharp for another hundred million years.

As its skeleton fossilized beneath layers of soil over uncountable centuries, minerals like copper and cobalt seeped into the organic materials, coloring the bone with a unique mosaic of muted greens and greys. No two cross-sections of this multi-colored dinosaur fossil will ever look alike. Individuality rules in life and at William Henry.

William Henry's expert craftsmen carefully shape the fragile dinosaur fossils into cross-shaped inlays, which are mounted for the rest of time on sturdy links of intricately carved sterling silver. Each link is a work of art in itself. Painstakingly hand-engraved with swirling medieval-inspired patterns like you'd find on a 16th century Samurai sword, the engravings definitely give this bracelet a Game of Thrones silversmith feel as well. You'll look just as stylish in Westeros as you would at your local brew pub.

Speaking of Game of Thrones, lay the bracelet flat. It looks like a dragon, right? The dinosaur bone inlays turn into greenish back armor plates, and the clasp at the top resembles its lizard-like head. It even has an "eye" made from a small smoky quartz gem that operates the hidden locking mechanism. Thank goodness it doesn't breathe fire or your wrist hair would get seriously singed.

William Henry expertly integrates exotic ancient materials with modern day craftsmanship in a distinctive piece of men's jewelry forged with a hundred million years of history. Comes with its own dated certificate of authenticity.

Size: Large size bracelet measures 8 inches long. 7/16 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. 100 million year old Dinosaur (Apatosaurus) Bone Fossil.

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