William Henry GENTAC CONE Blue Spruce Pine and Titanium Pocket Knife

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William Henry combines colorful pine cone inlays, a unique Damascus steel blade, and a handle with a tough frame of lustrous, aerospace grade titanium. This silver colored metal is lightweight, ultra tough and extremely corrosion resistant.

William Henry's responsibly sourced blue spruce cone is stabilized with a special pigmented resin that enhances its natural colors. The resin process results in the pine cone inlay becoming hardened, durable and smooth.

The spruce cone inlays on each side of the handle look dark in normal room light, but when the Gentac Cone is exposed to the bright sun? Bang! The cone explodes in eye catching shades of intensely vibrant blues and browns. Now you have a great excuse to leave the house and use your tough as nails Gentac knife in the Great Wide Open. And since no two William Henry spruce pine cone inlays will ever look exactly the same, they're one of a kind. Just like you.

Mike Norris, another William Henry master craftsman, hand forged the knife's ultra sharp Damascus steel blade by folding hundreds of metal alloy layers together, forming rippling water patterns. Mike calls this distinctive pattern Rain Drop due to its spotted shapes.

Fine blue sapphires, cut and selected by Swarovski gem experts, add a regal burst of color to the knife's thumb stud and one hand button lock. The blade locks open with a satisfying click.

The Gentac Cone boasts the exotic materials, esteemed craftsmanship and artisan forged metals that are the hallmark of every William Henry luxury pocket knife. Own this functional work of art for home display or everyday use out in the world.


Raindrop Damascus steel blade by Mike Norris
Aerospace Grade Titanium frame
Blue Spruce Pine Cone inlay
Blue Sapphire gemstone thumb stud and button lock


One-hand button lock system
Leather carrying case
Shipped in an elegant wood presentation box
Dated certificate of authenticity


Blade 3.06 inches (77.72 mm)
Handle 3.94 inches (100.08 mm)
Overall open 7 inches (177.8 mm)

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