William Henry GENTAC QUICKSILVER Aerospace Grade Titanium Pocket Knife

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A light and resilient aerospace grade titanium frame inlaid with robust hand engraved sterling silver vine patterns. The face comes from an authentic vintage Mercury dime, minted only between 1916 and 1945, and is set into the sterling silver inlay on each side of the handle. You'll love how the Quicksilver perfectly blends modern craftsmanship with retro design elements.

The Quicksilver's gleaming blade is constructed of Wave Damascus steel, forged from 45 layers of strong metal alloys. A unique ocean wave pattern gives the blade its aquatic name. The blade has an extra strong core of ZDP-189, which produces one of the finest cutting edges in the knife industry.

Fine blue sapphires, cut and selected by Swarovski gem experts, add a regal burst of color to the knife's thumb stud and one hand button lock. The blade locks open with a satisfying click.

The Quicksilver's damage resistant titanium frame is blast finished smooth and anodized to a dark gold color using an electrical current process. Deeply curved grooves carved into the titanium give the look of a refined gentlemen's pocket knife from a bygone era.


Wave Damascus blade with ZDP-189 steel core
Aerospace Grade Titanium frame
Blue Sapphire gemstone thumb stud and button lock


One-hand button lock system
Leather carrying case
Shipped in an elegant wood presentation box
Dated certificate of authenticity


Blade 3.25 inches (82.5mm)
Handle 3.80 inches (96.5mm)
Overall open 7.00 inches (177.8mm)

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