VIKING Silver Pendant

High Risk; High Reward

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VIKING pendant meaning High Risk, High Reward. A powerful statement with Viking horn accents, this chain pendant represents those who take bold risks to achieve their goals.

The Vikings were Scandinavian explorers, warriors, merchants, and pirates who raided and colonized many areas of Europe during medieval times. This time in our history is known as the Viking Age and was a time of great expansion for the Norse people. They are historically seen as strong warriors, fierce and determined and are known for fighting in close proximity. This style, though dangerous, was also a highly effective form of combat at the time.

The Viking is part of the Tribal Hollywood MMA jewelry collection for mixed martial arts and ultimate fighters. Viking pendant is made out of pewter and silver, hand polished and with an invisible protective coating to retain the finish. Approximate size 1 3/4 by 7/8 inches. Tribal Hollywood offers a selection of chains and leather necklaces to go with your pendant.