THE TWIN DRAGONS SWORD Black Leather Pendant Necklace for Men

Valiant Protector

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THE TWIN DRAGONS SWORD Black Leather Pendant Necklace for Men features the medieval inspired pairing of a silver sword pendant (with your choice of colored center) and a black leather cord with twin Draco Wolf heads.

THE SWORD pendant meaning Power; Protection and Authority. The bold Sword tribal necklace pendant for men from Bico boasts a wickedly tapered bottom point and jagged saw tooth blades shapes that curve around the top of the pendant. The look is daring and imposing. Since swords represent power and authority as well as strength and justice, the stylized Sword necklace pendant will identify you as a strong leader and protector.

A diamond-shaped shield, inlaid into the pendant's silver-plated surface, is filled with striking colored resin, providing a touch of sharp, cutting edge style.

BLACK LEATHER NECKLACE with Draco Wolf Head Metalwork by Bico Australia. This high quality thick width genuine braided leather necklace features an expertly carved draco wolf head on each end. The mouth of the brushed silver draco wolf head opens and closes, acting as the necklace clasp.

With the head of a wolf and the body of a Dragon, the Draco was a powerful symbol adopted by the ancient armies of Rome. When riding to war the soldiers would lift a large ornate wolf's head, with long strips of fabric as the serpent body. As they charged into battle the wind would whip the fabric around like a giant serpent, creating a frightening howl that brought the Draco to life and terrified their enemies.

Size:  Pendant measures 1 3/4 by 3/4 inches. The braided leather necklace has an extra thick width of 1/4 inch. Comes in lengths of 18, 20, and 22 inches long.

Material: Pewter, silver, and colored resin with an invisible protective coating to retain its finish. Genuine Black Leather.

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