SUPERBIRD Pendant in Black Gunmetal

Powerhouse of Speed

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SUPERBIRD pendant in gunmetal meaning Powerhouse of Speed. The Superbird is a stylized tribal bird design, based off of Native American totem pole sculptures. This gunmetal chain pendant represents the quick-thinking person who is swift to take action.

Native American totem poles, though often mistaken as mystical creations, were in fact carved as a family emblem- a reminder of it's history. This is similar to a family crest or coat-of-arms used by the Europeans. A person's totem animal is a representation of that person's spiritual connection with nature and can take on many forms throughout a person's life.

Superbird is part of the Tribal Hollywood MMA jewelry collection for mixed martial arts and ultimate fighters.

The Superbird chain pendant is hand polished and made of pewter and gunmetal made from cobalt with an invisible protective coating to retain its finish. Approximate size 2 by 1 inches. Jewelry color is gunmetal. Tribal Hollywood offers designer style leather necklaces and chains in gunmetal to go with your pendant.