STRIKER Carbon Fiber Dog Tag Pendant in Silver

Ready to Act; Dive Into It

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STRIKER Carbon Fiber Dog Tag Pendant in Silver meaning Ready to Act, Dive Into It. This contemporary carbon fiber dog tag features a stamped out sleek tribal tattoo design revealing a black carbon fiber layer beneath the metal.

Representing a bird diving to strike, the Striker is a cutting-edge tribal tattoo design dog tag pendant that represents the passionate and spontaneous. Dog tag necklace is part of the Tribal Hollywood MMA jewelry collection for mixed martial arts and ultimate fighters.

The pendant metal is real silver over a pewter core with an invisible hypoallergenic coating to protect the finish. Approximate size of the dog tag, including the loop which moves freely from left to right, is 2 by 1 inches. Tribal Hollywood offers a variety of designer chains and leather necklaces to go with your pendant.