SALOTE Tongan Bird Tattoo Braided Cord Tribal Surf Necklace

A Noble Heart with the Common Touch

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SALOTE Tongan Bird Tattoo Braided Cord Tribal Surf Necklace meaning A Noble Heart with the Common Touch. This silver necklace pendant is hand woven and braided into a waxed cotton rope using ancient Polynesian knot tying techniques. The pendant is inspired by the form of a bird, one of the most common symbols found in tattoos and ancient carvings.

South Pacific islanders wore the Salote bird, both as a necklace and a tattoo, to honor the messenger of the gods and to bridge our world with the spirit realm. The Salote Surf Style Necklace is named for Queen Salote Tupou III of Tonga. During the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in England, Salote rode through the pouring rain in an open carriage - smiling and waving to the public the entire way. Like its namesake, the Salote necklace reminds us to be benevolent, proud, and compassionate.

The Salote necklace is part of the Tribal Hollywood Surf and Beach Jewelry Collection. The Necklace closes with a toggle clasp. The pendant is made of genuine silver surrounding a pewter core with an invisible hypoallergenic coating for protection. The hand-braided brown rope cord is made of waxed cotton with a fixed length of 20 inches (50cm). The pendant measures by 1 3/4 by 7/8 inches. The listed price includes both the pendant and braided cord.