REBAR Dark and Bright Sterling Silver Stackable Mens Ring by King Baby

Industrial Power

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You can find style all around you, even in the rugged world of construction. King Baby founder Mitchell Binder was inspired by building techniques to create a unique men's stackable ring that combines the threaded look of industrial rebar with the elegance and strength of sterling silver.

The dark silver band of the King Baby Rebar men's ring is textured with bright sterling silver diagonal threads. The raised threads are slightly curved, duplicating the rugged texture of reinforcing steel, also known as rebar.

Concrete is poured over rebar to increase the tensile strength of everything from freeway overpasses to building foundations. The rebar threads bite into the concrete, holding structures together with brute force. You can feel that industrial power radiating from this striking men's ring.

The ring's black exterior was darkened using a controlled acid bath process called oxidation, giving it a weathered, vintage appearance. The bright silver threads pop dramatically against the dark background.

The handmade Rebar ring's narrow width makes it perfect to stack on your finger with any number of King Baby's distinctive men's rings. Its construction-inspired look will add a strong, industrial vibe to your personal style.

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Size: Band is 1/4 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver.

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