RAVEN CLAW ONYX Bead Black Lava Rock Mens Bracelet by King Baby

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King Baby takes more than two dozen naturally pock marked black lava rocks and strings them together on an earthy men's bracelet, orbiting around a shiny black polished onyx bead like the cratered moons of Pluto. You might ask, "What makes that one black onyx bead stand out from the rest of the blackness? And what's the deal on Pluto not being a real planet?" Allow us to explain everything except the stuff about Pluto:

That one lonely onyx bead is in the menacing clutches of a bright sterling silver raven claw, which really stands out against the dark lava and onyx. Just look at the details on the claw. You can even see the individual scaly segments of the raven's foot and toe joints, ending in four sharp pointed talons. Which look like they can rip anyone who doesn't like this distinctive fashion statement to shreds. By the way, that claw doesn't look like it's going to let go any time soon. Just like you'll never let go of this conversation starting raven claw bracelet for men by King Baby.

Pendant Size: 1/2 inch long and 7/16 inch wide.

Beads: 8 3/4 inches long. Beads are 5/16 inch thick. One Size Only.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver treated for extra protection. Genuine Black Lava Beads. Black Onyx Stone.