PERCIFFAL CROSS All Black Pendant in Gunmetal

Loyalty and Strength

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PERCIFFAL CROSS pendant in gunmetal representing Loyalty & Strength. The Perciffal Cross is a large cross that has a smaller diamond-shaped inner cross placed onto a larger cross with half diamond arms. The Perciffal cross closely resembles the Cross Clechée, often used in heraldry in medieval times.

The Cross Clechée is formed when two identical crosses seem inlaid upon each other, and the arms are narrow at the center but widen as they extend before ending in a point.; The word Clechée is derived from the french word for key, which is perfect, as this cross bears a resemblance to ancient medieval keys.

The Perciffal Cross gunmetal chain pendant is hand polished and made of pewter and gunmetal from cobalt with an invisible protective coating to retain its finish. Approximate size 2 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches. Color is gunmetal which changes with the light from a deep black to a reflective shine. Tribal Hollywood offers designer style leather necklaces and chains in gunmetal to accomodate your pendant.