ORITAMAE Spiral Tribal Warrior Tattoo Rope Necklace

Culture Warrior

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ORITAMAE Spiral Tribal Warrior Tattoo Rope Necklace meaning Culture Warrior. This black gunmetal spiral pendant hangs from a hand-braided waxed cotton cord using ancient Polynesian knot tying techniques. The pendant represents the Koru, a popular symbol found in the facial tattoos of Maori Warriors. It is admired as a symbol of independence, endurance, and perseverance.

Maori warriors tattooed their faces and bodies as a way to intimidate their opponents. Unlike conventional tattoos, these markings were carved into the skin through a long and painful process. Enemies would flee from the menacing looking tattoos because they proved the warrior’s ability to withstand incredible amounts of pain.

The Oritamae Tattoo Necklace is part of theTribal Hollywood Surf and Beach Jewelry Collection. The necklace’s brown cord is made of waxed cotton and closes with a toggle clasp. The pendant is gunmetal, made from cobalt, around a pewter core with a hypoallergenic protective coating. The cord has a fixed length of 20 inches (50cm), and the pendant measures approximately 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches. The price includes the pendant as well as the braided cord.