ONYX AND SILVER BEADS Textured Mens Bracelet By King Baby

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Onyx has been used in the making of jewelry since King Tut was in papyrus diapers. King Baby brings onyx kicking and screaming into the present with their beautiful Onyx and Silver Beads Textured Men's Bracelet. Feeling cool and smooth to the touch, twenty perfectly round polished jet-black onyx beads are startlingly contrasted by five shimmering beads of high quality sterling silver. Now, take a closer look at those distinctive silver beads. They feature King Baby's pebbly Stingray skin texturing, adding a bit of animal roughness to the mix.

Dark, light, smooth, rough...King Baby's Onyx and Silver Beads Textured Men's Bracelet is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped around your wrist. If this baby was available five thousand years ago, you know King Tut would've worn it to the Grand Opening of the Sphinx. King Baby's Onyx and Silver Beads Textured Men's Bracelet.

A part of the King Baby The Birth of Americana collection.

Beads: 8 3/4 inches long. Beads are 5/16 inch thick. One Size Only.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver treated for extra protection. Genuine Black Onyx Beads.