OCTAGON Cufflinks Sparta Engraved Filigree Scott Kay Mens Sterling Silver Sport Links

Show Your Strength

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Unique octagon-shaped jewelry is presented in these impressive Sport Links: The Octagon Sparta Engraved Filigree Cufflinks by Scott Kay Mens Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Watch as Scott Kay offers yet another way to dress up your favorite shirt with amazing sterling silver artistry. The inspiration here? Sparta, Ancient Greece's most ruthless city-state, and its unique legacy of ideals. Spartans weren't afraid to show their strength. Their attitudes were stoic, their minds highly strategic, and their craftsmanship impressive.

Scott Kay resurrects the Spartan aesthetic with these octagon-shaped cufflinks, taking the feel of that brutal bygone era and reworking it for our times. His Sparta Engraved Filigree cuff links are like miniature shields, recalling ancient wars fought on now-crumbling battlegrounds. Cufflinks like these are an unexpected accent that will elevate any look. Channel your inner Spartan warrior - don't hit the dance floor without them.

The octagon links measure approximately 1 inch across. Handmade in the United States of America.