HELLCAT Fun Life Mens Tribal Pendant by Bico Australia

Mischieveous Exuberance

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You live a fun-filled life bursting with unbridaled gusto and exuberance. You'd rather bungee jump off a skyscraper than work inside of it. You're 100 percent hellcat, Mister, and no one is going to stand in the way of you having a freakin' good time. Now you can display your mischievious, fun loving life spirit with this men's Hellcat necklace pendant from Down Under designer Bico Australia.

A cat-like tribal animal symbol is inlaid into the pendant's surface, featuring devilishly pointed ears that look like antenae searching for new adventures and new friends to party with. Kind of sounds like you, right? By the way, if you ever want to see a real life hellcat, just look in the mirror!

Wear the Bico Hellcat men's necklace pendant with a Bico Australia chain or leather cord to show the world there's a spiritual hellcat living inside your soul. And it's ready to be unleashed.

Tribal Hollywood is honored to be an official online retailer for Bico Australia.

Size: Approximate size including the loop is 1 5/8 by 3/4 inches.

Materials: The hand polished chain pendant is made of real silver over high grade pewter with an invisible hypoallergenic coating to protect the finish. Colored Resin.

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