WARBIRD Carbon Fiber and Silver Mens Tribal Pendant by Bico

Passionate and Driven by the Emotive

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This Warbird men's necklace pendant from Bico Australia resembles a fearsome bird of prey soaring endlessly while searching for adventure and good fortune. The Warbird symbolizes a warrior who is passionate and driven by the emotive to achieve his dreams. Just like you, Mr. Warrior insert-your-name-here.

The pendant's sleek, streamlined curves and geometric points resemble a bird's outstretched wings, tapered head and long, flowing tail. Wear your Bico Warbird necklace pendant and let your passion and emotions guide to you to your next creative adventure.

The dual-layer Bico Warbird's body is constructed of sturdy silver-plated pewter. High-tech black carbon fiber is inlaid into the front and back surface of the pendant. This lightweight but super strong modern material is made from woven carbon atom filaments and is used extensively in aerospace engineering. We love the shimmering, holographic look of the carbon fibers as the pendant moves.

The chain pendant is hand polished and made of black carbon fiber and real silver over pewter with an invisible hypoallergenic coating to protect the finish.

Size: 1 3/4 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide.

(c) Copyright Tribal Hollywood. All rights reserved.

Material: Silver Plated High-Grade Pewter. Black Carbon Fiber.

(c) Copyright Tribal Hollywood. All rights reserved.