TITIK Calm Soul Mens Tribal Pendant by Bico Australia

Calm Heart; Gentle Soul

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You're the kind of guy who finds calmness in his heart, even in the most stressful of life's situations. The Titik men's tribal necklace pendant, from urban designer Bico Australia, represents the deep calm that guides you as you take on the world.

Let your eyes follow the Titik pendant's continuous flowing curves. They remind us of flowing inhales and exhales you experience during relaxation practices.

You'll notice that the Titik pendant ends in a sharp angle. Since titik is the Malaysian word for point, think of this as the symbolic point your mind focuses on while you meditate.

Wear the Tiki men's pendant around your neck with a Bico Australia chain or leather cord to always remind yourself to stay calm.

Size: Approximate size including the loop is 1 3/4 by 13/16 inches.

Materials: The hand polished chain pendant is made of real silver over high grade pewter with an invisible hypoallergenic coating to protect the finish. Colored Resin.

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