MAKO Shark Tooth Hawaiian Protection Mens Choker Necklace

Strong Protector

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Our Mako men's shark tooth choker necklace features a genuine mako shark tooth hanging from a tough black cord. This Mako choker necklace, named after an ultra-fast species of shark found all over the world, also features modern, multi-shaped black and silver-colored barrel beads that contrast nicely with the necklace's laid back, tropical style.

Maoris and Hawaiians have considered sharks and shark teeth to be symbols of strength, power and protection for thousands of years. Only the tribal leaders were allowed to wear shark teeth, as these warriors possessed the spiritual cunning and power of a shark.

Now a powerful, modern day leader like yourself can wear this shark tooth men's necklace. You'll be symbolically protected from misfortune at sea or on dry land.

According to an ancient Hawaiian legend, a young warrior engaged in battle with a powerful shark god. The powerful warrior was victorious, and he rose from the ocean wearing the shark god's teeth around his neck. That's why surfers, swimmers and sailors still wear shark teeth necklaces to spiritually protect themselves while on the ocean.

Slip on your Mako men's shark tooth necklace. You'll instantly start reeling in compliments.

Size: The shark tooth measures 1 inch tall and 1/2 inch wide. The cord is 18 3/4 inches long and 3/32 inch thick.

The Mako's shorter length is perfect for guys who like a choker necklace look. Materials: Genuine mako shark tooth. Black cord. Metallic beads.

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