AMOEBA GOLD And SILVER Mens Creative Energy Pendant by Bico

Release of Creative Energy

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Creative energy knows no physical shape. One small thought morphs into an ever-multiplying, shape-shifting series of brilliant ideas. This free-form Amoeba necklace pendant for men by Bico Australia symbolizes your constant release of creative energy.

Bico named the necklace pendant Amoeba, after the one-celled organism biologists call the building block of life.

The pendant resembles an actual amoeba with a flowing, fluid design including sinuous tendrils reaching out to explore its environment. Just like your spiritual tendrils reach out to the universe exploring for inspiration and opportunities. Hey, who remembers from high-school biology class what the tendrils of an amoeba are called? We'll tell you at the bottom of the page.

And since all your ideas are golden, the face of Amoeba necklace pendant is inlayed with a bright plating of real gold. Genuine silver-plated pewter surrounds the gold plating creating a dramatic two-tone metallic contrast.

Wear the Bico Amoeba necklace pendant and you'll always move forward, searching until you find the next building block upon which you'll build your world-changing ideas. By the way, the tendrils of an amoeba are called pseudopods.

The chain pendant is hand polished and made of real gold and silver over pewter with an invisible hypoallergenic coating to protect the finish.

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Size: 1 5/8 inches long and 3/4 inch wide.

Material: Gold Plated High-Grade Pewter. Silver Plated High-Grade Pewter.

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