Bico Australia LIONHEART ROYAL LION GUNMETAL and Rosewood Mens Dog Tag

Bravery and Fortitude

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A ferocious lion rampant is ready to protect and defend you and your loved ones on this Bico Australia Lionheart Royal Lion men's dog tag necklace, symbolizing bravery and fortitude. The noble lion emblem is carved from genuine rosewood sourced from New Guinea, a tropical island off the northern coast of Australia.

The lion rampart is a heraldic emblem dating back to European royal family crests of the 1100's.The word rampant is a medieval term meaning rearing up. This perfectly describes this stylized lion, which stands in profile on its hind legs, ready to leap into defensive action with tail raised, claws open and mouth in mid-roar. Its brave spirit will be transferred to you when the dog tag is worn around your neck.

The dark-grained rosewood lion rests on a sturdy base of black cobalt-plated high-grade pewter. We love the contrast in color and texture between the natural wood and the industrial black cobalt.

The reverse side of the Bico Australia Lionheart men's dog tag has a smaller lion rampart cut into the metal for a hidden dose of lionhearted bravery and fortitude.

The chain pendant is hand polished and made of real black cobalt over pewter with an invisible hypoallergenic coating to protect the finish.

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Size: 1 1/2 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Material: Black Cobalt Plated High-Grade Pewter. Genuine Rosewood.

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