Hei Matau WHALE TAIL FISHHOOK Maori Rope Necklace - Black Jade

Authority and Strength

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Our Whale Tail Fishhook men's rope necklace features a hand carved black jade Maori fishhook pendant, also known as a hei matau, that's designed with a shank that's shaped like a whale's tail. Slip it on and feel the combined spiritual strength of Earth's largest mammal and ancient Maori tribal leaders.

The black jade reveals hints of dark green when its held up to the light.

Both whales and fishhooks are ancient Polynesian symbols of tribal authority, power and strength: whales, due to their immense size and navigational skills, and the fishhook, due to it being a tool that provided life-giving sustenance. Only the most powerful tribal leaders were allowed to wear and use a fishhook, because they were the ones who provided the tribe with life-giving sustenance from the sea.

We love how this fishhook has a rounded, angular look, perfectly blending ancient tradition with contemporary style.

Size: The pendant measures 1 3/4 inches tall and 1 1/4 wide. The braided brown cord is 26 inches long and 3/32 inch thick. You can adjust the rope necklace's length by moving a round black bead at the top of the braided cord.

Material: Genuine Black Jade. Brown Braided Rope.

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