WATCHER Observant Eye Symbol Dog Tag Mens Pendant by Bico Australia

Keenly Observant

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The Watcher men's dog tag necklace pendant from Bico Australia features a 3D eye symbol formed by raised concentric circles and ovals. Bico adds a small circular depression within the eye, serving as the eye's pupil.

The eye represents your inborn ability to be a keen observer, always watching out for, and sometimes anticipating, life's challenges and obstacles. Eyes have been symbols of wisdom and intuition for 5000 years.

A raised arrow directly below the eye zooms like a missile toward an unseen target. Deep grooves cut into the silver-plated dog tag fan out from the speeding arrow, creating the illusion that its pointed tip is splitting the air. We think this represents how your sharp eyes help you make fast, smart decisions that lead you to the correct path.

Pair up the Watcher dog tag necklace pendant with a strong Bico men's chain or rugged leather cord.

Tribal Hollywood is honored to be an official online retailer for Bico Australia.

Size: Approximate size of the dog tag is 2 by 1 inches.

Material: The chain pendant is hand polished and made of real silver over high-grade pewter with an invisible hypoallergenic coating to protect the finish

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