SIMURGH Benevolent Spirit Bird Mens Dog Tag Pendant by Bico Australia

Benevolence and Purity

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The Simurgh is a divine winged bird creature from ancient Middle Eastern mythology that brings benevolence and purity wherever it flies. Wearing the Bico Australia Simurgh men's dog tag necklace pendant symbolizes the compassionate and healing spirit that guides your life.

The Simurgh's body, tapered tail and pointed beak are carved into the face of the silver-plated dog tag. Its flame-like wings are spread behind its head, creating the illusion of flying forward as it brings benevolence and purity with it.

The Simurgh's fiery appearance connects it to the mythical Phoenix, a magical bird that's consumed by flames and resurrected from its own ashes. The Simurgh is also consumed by fire, only to be reborn again in a new world. This story of renewal represents how the human spirit will always rise, no matter what tragedy befalls us.

Check out how Bico oxidizes the dog tag, so the outline of the Simurgh turns black and the tag itself takes on a weathered, antique look.

Add a Bico Australia men's necklace chain or leather cord to wear the symbolic Simurgh men's dog tag around your neck.

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Size: Approximate size including the loop is 2 by 1 inches.

Materials: The hand polished chain pendant is made of real silver over high grade pewter with an invisible hypoallergenic coating to protect the finish.

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