URBANO HEMATITE Stone Beads Woven White Cable Mens Bracelet

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Geometric shapes merge with natural and metallic elements on our ultra-modern Urbano Hematite stone beads men's cable bracelet, featuring 316L stainless steel woven tightly with strong white silicone. We call this Italian designed, upscale men's bracelet Urbano, after the Italian word for urban.

Wear the distinctive Urbano Hematite men's bracelet to add contemporary European style to your casual and business attire. You'll love how smooth and solid the Urbano feels on your wrist.

The bracelet has four dusky gray hematite stone beads. Each round bead has dozens of flat, diamond-shaped panels cut into its smooth surface, giving the hematite the look of a futuristic geodesic dome structure. By the way, hematite is a form of iron oxide, just in case you're playing Name That Mineral at home.

The hematite beads share a hidden, tough nylon cord with one bright matte finish stainless steel round bead and two chunky black ion-plated steel square beads. The black squares bring urban industrial energy to the bracelet.

A tough woven cable of strong white silicone and surgical grade stainless steel is connected to a curved black IP steel push button clasp. The white silicone and bright steel really pop against the dark gray and black beads. Slip it on and go to town.

Size: 8 3/4 inches long and 1/4 inch wide.

Material: 316L Stainless Steel treated with Chromium for extra protection. Hematite Stone. White Silicone.

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