RUSTIC CROSS CAPPUCCINO Steel Black Skull Bohemian Mens Bead Bracelet

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Our Italian designed Rustic Cross men's bead bracelet is the very definition of bohemian. It doesn't follow the rules and has its own independent style. Allow us to describe what makes this bohemian bracelet so bohemian.

First, there's a raised, heraldic cross resting on a brass-colored round shield pendant. The shield has an aged, weathered look, reminding us of a medieval religious relic. The cross offers you powerful spiritual protection.

Then there are over a dozen cappuccino-colored stainless steel industrial sphere beads, each one textured with modern, geometric six-sided hexagons. According to numerology, the number six symbolizes a protective connection to the world around us.

Next up are flat spacer disc beads of black hematite stone that separate the cappuccino steel spheres. Crystal experts tell us that hematite posesses protective properties that calm and stablilize the mind and body.

FInally, we get to the bracelet's twin skull brothers, forged from black stainless steel. These ghoulish guys hang out on either side of the bracelet's oxidized steel lobster clasp. They're keeping a sunken eye on things, because skulls are ancient symbols of protection.

So what do all of these very different elements have in common? Protection, that's what! Wearing the Rustic Cross men's bead bracelet will keep you spiritually protected by faith, numerology, crystal energy, and skulls. Don't forget the black steel skulls. They wouldn't like that.

Size: 9 1/4 inches long and 3/8 inch wide.

Material: 316L Stainless Steel treated with Chromium for extra protection. Black PVD Steel. Cappuccino PVD Steel. Black Hematite Stone. Nylon Cord.

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