BLUE KNOT Mens Blue Paracord Bracelet w Black Steel Chain

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The rugged Blue Knot men's blue paracord bracelet features two woven nylon cords that run right through black stainless steel barrel beads that cinch the cords together. The thick, military strength blue paracord is tied into a square knot in the center of the bracelet. Knots represent everything from eternal life to a spiritual bond between you and your loved ones.

Paracord is the same ultra-strong nylon fiber used in parachutes and military survival gear. It may be tough as nails but it feels smooth as silk around your wrist.

Paracord isn't the only strong material you'll find on the Blue Knot men's bracelet. A short, black stainless steel chain connects the two ends of the blue paracord. You can adjust the bracelet's fit by hooking its lobster clasp through one of the black steel chain's geometric links.

The Blue Knot men's bracelet will look great with a casual shirt and jeans.

Size: 8 inches long. Adjustable to 9 inches. 5/16 inch wide.

Material: Black PVD Steel. Blue Genuine Nylon Fiber Paracord.

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