NERO CORDA Black Modern Steel Sculpture Mens Leather Bracelet

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Our Italian designed Nero Corda (Italian for black rope) men's leather bracelet combines a thick braided rope of black genuine leather with industrial strength 316L stainless steel. You'll dig how its European style goes perfectly with your casual street wear and upscale evening attire.

A strong black leather thread weaves in and out of the muscular black braid, giving the Nero Corda a rugged, hand-stitched texture. The tightly braided, high quality leather will feel smooth and satisfyingly beefy on your arm.

The Nero Corda's geometric magnetic clasp is a modern sculpture of surgical grade stainless. Black ion-plated steel is bolted to the square clasp with bright natural steel rivets, adding an edgy, industrial look.

Give the secure magnetic clasp a good pull to separate the two magnetic squares. But why take your Nero Corda off when it makes you look molto elegante?

Size: 8 1/4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.

Material: 316L Stainless Steel treated with Chromium for extra protection. Black PVD Steel. Genuine Black Leather.

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