MASQUERADE SKULLS Stainless Steel and Black Lava Mens Bead Bracelet

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Our macabre Masquerade Skulls men's bead bracelet features three stainless steel barrel beads carved all the way around with some seriously stylish skulls. The skulls alternate right side up and upside down next to each other. Why? Because they can.

The textured details on the steel skull heads are amazing. These cool ghouls are rocking sick-ass masks that would look right as home at an over-the-top Hollywood costume party. The eyeholes on the skull masks are black cavities, giving depth to their empty eye sockets. These fleshless freaks look sexy and they know it.

Each skull is flashing a brash, open mouth grin, revealing two rows of big irregularly shaped teeth with black spaces between them. We'd recommend that the skulls see a dentist but they're already dead.

Round beads of natural black lava rock surround the skull barrels. Bubbles that formed when the molten volcanic material cooled created the craters in the lava's rough surface. Yup, you're wearing part of a volcano on your arm, brother. An elastic nylon cord runs through all the beads, allowing for a flexible fit.

The black lava and the natural steel skulls form a dramatic contrast of colors, textures and shapes. Wear the Masquerade Skull men's bracelet at a freaky costume party or during your everyday travels and you'll look as cool as your masked skull buddies.

Size: 7 1/2-8 1/2 inch elastic cord. Beads are 3/8 inch thick (or 10mm).

Material: 316L Stainless Steel treated with Chromium for extra protection. Genuine Black Lava Beads.

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