MASCHIO The Bull Pendant in Brass and Silver


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MASCHIO The Bull pendant in brass and silver, representing Masculinity. This unique dual-layered pendant is stylized in the shape of a bull. The top layer forms the horns, brow and snout of the bull, while the base layer flushes out the face and provides the ears of the animal.

Symbolically the Bull is often used as a representation of strength, endurance, virility, and wealth.

This contemporary pendant has a pewter core and is finished in real silver and brass. An invisible hypoallergenic protective coating retains the pendants finish. Approximate size of the pendant, including the loop, is 1 7/8 by 7/8 inches. Tribal Hollywood offers designer style chains and leather necklaces in silver or brass to go with this pendant.

The Maschio pendant is part of the Tribal Hollywood MMA jewelry collection for mixed martial arts and ultimate fighters.